You heart icons!? I do too!

So rarely does a site really make an impact on me. I mean it has to be simple, well designed, live up to that 2.0 standard, and well, look pretty. We heart icons does all of that and it provides some spiffy icons as well. Sure there are the likes of interFACELIFT and iconfactory. Both are try and true. I’ve known I’ve been there on a few separate occasions to spruce up the look of my Mac. You change your icons to make your desktop stand out. Just like your wallpaper, you want something to express yourself, your imagination. 

I’m always on the look out for new icons to do just that. I don’t know about you but I’m never ever satisfied with the way my desktop looks. It could always use something else to spruce it up. The content on the site does not lack and it provides a 512×512 preview image while your browsing. All the icons are free and they even have tips to create your own. It also makes it hassle free to filter through icons based on Mac, Windows, or just PNG.

All in all a great website with some great content. Go check ’em out!

Link: we♥


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