Was it worth the wait?

So I just got done finally watching the movie “Fan Boys” and when I mean finally, I mean it. This movie was suppose to be released almost 2 years ago. I remember seeing the trailer and being, “this is my type of movie.” It was filled with plenty of Star Wars references for both the die hard and the non die hard fan could appreciate. It also had that off the wall comedy ala a Judd Apatow flick. I couldn’t wait to see it.

The plot? 4 life long friends get a hair brained idea to break into Skywalker ranch before Episode 1 is released to see the rough copy for themselves.

Then the disappointment struck. It was delayed, of course it was. They weren’t happy with the original cut and wanted to go in a different direction. Ok, but what was wrong with the original to begin with? It looked promising enough. No,  no, couldn’t happen. They sought for a bigger budget than the original,  got it and then re shot it. Now you have to wait until 2008.

But that wasn’t the end. Again, they revised the script and again they re shot the footage. Then they decided lets show both films! They tested the movie with one plot in one city and the other plot in a different city to see which would score higher with audiences. Ultimately the movie with the cancer plot won. Then more set backs or whatever and again the film got re worked, re cut and pushed. This movie was quickly becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of movies.

Finally it got released this year. THIS YEAR and in limited release! Surprise, surprise it got less than stellar reviews. Probably due to the fact that it had so many re writes. I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters and frankly I was kind of afraid to. It was something I built up so much in my mind, I didn’t want my hopes dashed. It then happened to land in my lap and with some minor discretion I watched it.

It was actually quite good. Funny and to the point. It was chock full of those Star Wars references I mentioned earlier and way more. I swear they mention every great geek film of the ’80s with the exception of the Princess Bride. It also had plenty of cameos. Including a very memorable one by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes dawning their infamous Jay and Silent Bob get ups. Its definitely going to be one of those lets-get-stoned-and-watch-this-dvd type movies. Think Harold and Kumar.

I see a small cult following for this brewing. Which I mean now a days, can really resurrect something. I’m looking at you Donnie Darko. The only beef I have with this movie is that it has references to things that where not even around in 1998 which is the year it takes place. The jokes where still funny and I still laughed. But if your going to do a time piece, do it right. William Shatner was not the Priceline negotiator back then.

All in all it wasn’t too bad and if your like me and love obscure and off the wall references to things from your childhood, go see it. You won’t be too disappointed. Really, there are worse things out there to watch, ::cough::X-men Origins::cough::


2 Responses

  1. so should I netflix it? I think I will. but wow not being chronologically accurate… that’s going to bother me. you can’t set a movie at a certain specific time/year and then reference things that happened years later.
    That just shows me SOMEONE didn’t care enough. OR it went through so many re-writes, and passed hands so many times that no one cared to check date accuracy. dang. that might potentially annoy me.

  2. where are my updates? its been days!

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