Apple improves battery life… for some

Apple released 10.5.7 last week and besides the usual bug fixes and this being the last major update until Snow Leopard it also improved on something near and dear to my heart. My hackintosh’s battery life. Apparently this update will give your netbook a bit of a boost in battery.

It has been confirmed by numerous users over in the MSi Wind forum I frequent regularly. One user reports he use to get about a 3.5 hour charge on his 6-cell battery, now he receives almost 6. What a jump! I have yet to take the plunge and update but with this bit of news, I can’t wait take the plunge!

But here is something to think about, why is all of sudden Apple thinking about Atom based netbooks? Hmmmm… let us hope!!

For some of you who are using a Wind to do your dirty work, here are a couple of links to get through the update if you haven’t already…

Retail (Boot-132) users click here
WindOSX86 users click here

##Update## Running 10.5.7 right now and can say that it does in fact pro long the battery life just a bit more. Using a 3 cell battery and getting about an extra 20 minutes or so.


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