When ya gotta tinkle…

My lovely Wife stumbled upon this (thanks Tannia!). Ever have to go pee during a movie but didn’t want to miss that oh so important part? Remember how The Matrix Reloaded orgy scene was the best part in that movie to go pee too? What if you didn’t know about the big orgy scene in Reloaded so you could go pee?

That’s where RunPee.com comes in. Its basically a website that will tell you without giving away any spoilers where to go pee. Search for the movie you’re going to see and you’re presented with a time line for it. Click on one of the little white dots and it will tell you that is the best place to go tinkle without giving away too much.

Also, in case you missed the whole scene, at the bottom of the page is a scrambled message. Click on the unscramble button and it will basically tell you everything that happened, in case you missed it and your not completely lightening fast in the head.

I really wished I had this during Terminator Salvation. It would of helped, instead of me trying to figure out where the best spot in the movie to go. Oh well, definitely using it the next time I go to the movies!


**Update** So it looks as if RunPee.com released an iPhone app. It looks promising. Subtle yellow text so your neighbor won’t get mad if your looking at your phone. It even tracks the progress of the movie your watching so you can check it periodically for the right time to go. A future update is planned to have your phone alert you when the right times to tinkle arise as well.

App store link


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