So whats under the hood @ Quo Computer?

So on Monday a new up and coming Mac clone maker opened its doors to become the very first Hackintosh retail store. The store is located in Alhambra near Downtown LA. The company is called Quo Computer.

So what kind of hardware are they running in it? You’ll be surprised.

I wanted to see what kind of OSX86 install Quo was using. I asked Rashantha, the owner of Quo if he let me know what he did to the install. He told me it was his little secret. I didn’t like that answer so much so I asked if could see one of the machines he had on display restart. Which by the way, there were three. Two machines are the same configuration and one was the first prototype he ever built. That’s all that’s in the store.

I told him I wanted to see the machine restart to test the start up time. Really I just wanted to see the boot loader he was using so I could determine what kind of install it was. The computer restarted and sure enough I was welcomed with the boot loader. What is that boot loader? EFI-X! It looks like all he did was build the machine and install the EFI-X chip!! (For those of you that don’t know, EFI-X is a chip made in Holland that you install internally on your motherboard. Once its installed you can then install OS X from a retail disc. For more info on EFI-X, go here.)

I was kinda surprised, thinking if he is going to offer his own brand of Hackintosh machines, he would use his own method. He soon realized that I saw the boot loader screen and asked me if I recognized it. Of course I did!

He then told me that he is making tweaks to the EFI-X chip. He also told me to keep the secret on the down low. I have no idea what kind of “tweaks” he is trying to attempt. But I wouldn’t want to buy from Quo and then be obligated to only go back to Quo if something in my system messes up. So be very weary!!!

None-the-less I didn’t keep his secret and he expressed to me that word would of gotten out in a few weeks time anyway. Well those few weeks came sooner! Take a look at the picture below for a sneak peak inside the store. On the other side of the store is a table where the three machines I mentioned earlier are. But that is all that is on display!

Quo recently updated their website with prices and machine configurations. So you know, none of the systems on sale come pre-installed with OS X.


By the way, the owner of Quo hates the word, Hackintosh.


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  1. that is a horrible site. who makes webpages 2000 pixels wide?

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