Remember This? V Saved By The Bell Edition

In light of Jimmy Fallon having the best guest since his show started last night, freaking Zack Morris!! Or if you have to call him by his real name, Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Here is the original opening of what was to become Saved By The Bell.

Good Morning, Miss Bliss was with Hayley Mills (you know her from the original Parent Trap and other Disney movies). It was going to only center around her and focus very little on her students. However NBC thought the show could go in another direction and canned it. Kept 3 of the original kids, Zack, Screech, and Lisa Turtle, and of course Mr. Belding. Then just rebranded it focusing just on the teens. It worked! And now 20 years later, its still popular!

If you remember, once Saved By The Bell got extremely popular, they started to air these earlier episodes with a little intro by Zack. They only ever aired 6 episodes from the show.

And oh, if you want to see Zack on Jimmy Fallon, click here to watch it on Hulu.


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