Search for MP3s the easy way

I know, I know there are lots of ways to get MP3s. P2P, torrents, usenet, the good ol’ fashioned legal way. There is also one other form of finding MP3s that a lot of people don’t know about. Its actually pretty efficient. Its called Google. Heres how…

1. Fire up your trusty browser (your probably using it right now) then load up Google (of course).

2. Put this in the search box:

“parent directory” mp3 OR wma OR ogg OR wav “filename” -html -htm -download -links
 (so where "filename" is just replace that with what your searching for... haha. Without the quotation marks of course.)

3. You should see a list of results. All these results will provide direct links to directories. Usually including what you where looking for and other gems.

4. Have fun!

Its pretty straight forward and super easy. The added bonus is there no extra software to install or anything. You know instead of using one of those virus filled P2P programs for that one song you have to have. Not anymore with this useful google hack. Enjoy!


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