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In the year 1983…
July 22, 2009

One Flickr user has done one hell of a job making this Photoshop mock-up. It’s bascially as if Apple had their webpage in 1983. What would it look like? Good job on the BASIC up top. However I really wish I could take a tour with the Lisa. ::sigh::

You can download the original picture here



So explosive Michael Bay could of directed it!
May 11, 2009

I have a lot of Apple shirts. I mean A LOT of them. But I could always use more and I might of found the next few new ones.

The following shirt was drawn by Garry Booth and captures what made the first Mac work, the insides of course.

This next one was drawn by Kevin Tong and lets you take a peek underneath that sexy glass screen of the iPhone. I know, I know its not an iPhone 3g and its the first gen. But to me, this is the phone that started it all. Think of it this way, its the iPhone 128k. This is the device that people will point back to 25 years later and still be wowed.


Each shirt you can order respectively at their corresponding webpage.