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Ghostbusters: Simpsonized
August 19, 2009

A very creative blogger has gone and done something very cool. Turned the Ghostbusters into Simpsons characters. I can only wish that a future Treehouse of Terror halloween episode feature these guys. Heres hoping. You can check out more on Dean’s blog. He even has the step by step process with more images of how he made such a cool cross over.



August 17, 2009

Suck it bitches. I’m back.

*updated with new link & lyrics!*

He gave us the MOONWALK!
June 26, 2009

By far one of the greatest entertainers of our time. He was a true American Pop Culture icon. I am deeply saddened that he passed away. He was probably one of the first musical artists that I remember listening to as a kid like so many other people. You grew up with him. Its very weird to think about. But this the equivalent of Elvis dying for our generation. Its big. Probably because he has touched so many of our lives. You can crack jokes from here to tomorrow about him. I know I have in the past. But what he has given to the musical community. Hell, what he’s given to pop culture in general has given him legendary status. His accomplishments go on forever and rightfully so as he has made sure that his staple in pop culture history as the King of Pop will live on forever.

So its with that, that I leave you with my favorite Michael Jackson song ever. “Beat It” off his most successful record ever, “Thriller.” Its the live version which I think is fitting. What he brought to the stage was remarkable. No one could dance like he could. Hell, no one might come close for years to come. Dancers are always saying how they looked to him for inspiration. I think he shows it off pretty well here. Enjoy it.

RIP Michael 1958-2009

Luxo Jr., Alive & Kicking
June 23, 2009

You know that cute little desk lamp Luxo Jr.? You know the one thats basically Pixar’s mascot and appears in the Pixar logo before every one of their films?

Its originally from its own Pixar short. But now it has found actual life and debuted yesterday at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida. Check out the clip!


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June 23, 2009


This is too good NOT to post
June 21, 2009

Most. Blatant. Rip. Off. Ever. II
June 9, 2009

Again this is too good…

This actually might be way more blatant than the Up knock off I posted. Apparently the company who makes this film are called The Asylum and they only make what people are calling “Knockbusters.” Basically lets capitalize on something thats popular and make it extrememely bad.

Heres the trailer, its real. Though I really wish it wasn’t.


Most. Blatant. Rip. Off. Ever.
June 5, 2009

Thanks /Film for this little jem…


Seriously, just WTF? If you want and I know you do, you can pre-order it at Amazon here for a great price of $13.49! Wow! What a deal!


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Transformer! No… its a USB Hub?
June 2, 2009

The Japanese sure know how to make useless gadgets that I crave. Here is one good example of that…

Yes, you’re looking at a fully functional Transformer that turns into a Netbook that acts as a USB hub. Don’t ask why, ask why not?

It’s about 40 bucks and can be ordered here


Hello World. I’m Moblin.
May 20, 2009

Intel today unveiled an update to an OS specifically designed for netbooks and mobile internet devices. Its called Moblin and based off Linux. Version 2.0 was launched today and looks pretty promising. It’s optimized and designed to run on Intel’s Atom processor, which most, if not all netbooks use. The site it running pretty slow and its taking forever to download the beta. But I can’t wait to try it.

One of the most daunting things on my Wind is that Windows nor OS X is really designed for the 1024×600 resolution. So it can be a hassle at times to just browse the web or even just look through iTunes. So an OS built for that is ideal. Lets see if Intel can deliver. Check out the Moblin vid below for some more info.