Most. Blatant. Rip. Off. Ever. II

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Again this is too good…

This actually might be way more blatant than the Up knock off I posted. Apparently the company who makes this film are called The Asylum and they only make what people are calling “Knockbusters.” Basically lets capitalize on something thats popular and make it extrememely bad.

Heres the trailer, its real. Though I really wish it wasn’t.



Most. Blatant. Rip. Off. Ever.

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Thanks /Film for this little jem…


Seriously, just WTF? If you want and I know you do, you can pre-order it at Amazon here for a great price of $13.49! Wow! What a deal!


So whats under the hood @ Quo Computer?

June 3, 2009 - One Response

So on Monday a new up and coming Mac clone maker opened its doors to become the very first Hackintosh retail store. The store is located in Alhambra near Downtown LA. The company is called Quo Computer.

So what kind of hardware are they running in it? You’ll be surprised.

I wanted to see what kind of OSX86 install Quo was using. I asked Rashantha, the owner of Quo if he let me know what he did to the install. He told me it was his little secret. I didn’t like that answer so much so I asked if could see one of the machines he had on display restart. Which by the way, there were three. Two machines are the same configuration and one was the first prototype he ever built. That’s all that’s in the store.

I told him I wanted to see the machine restart to test the start up time. Really I just wanted to see the boot loader he was using so I could determine what kind of install it was. The computer restarted and sure enough I was welcomed with the boot loader. What is that boot loader? EFI-X! It looks like all he did was build the machine and install the EFI-X chip!! (For those of you that don’t know, EFI-X is a chip made in Holland that you install internally on your motherboard. Once its installed you can then install OS X from a retail disc. For more info on EFI-X, go here.)

I was kinda surprised, thinking if he is going to offer his own brand of Hackintosh machines, he would use his own method. He soon realized that I saw the boot loader screen and asked me if I recognized it. Of course I did!

He then told me that he is making tweaks to the EFI-X chip. He also told me to keep the secret on the down low. I have no idea what kind of “tweaks” he is trying to attempt. But I wouldn’t want to buy from Quo and then be obligated to only go back to Quo if something in my system messes up. So be very weary!!!

None-the-less I didn’t keep his secret and he expressed to me that word would of gotten out in a few weeks time anyway. Well those few weeks came sooner! Take a look at the picture below for a sneak peak inside the store. On the other side of the store is a table where the three machines I mentioned earlier are. But that is all that is on display!

Quo recently updated their website with prices and machine configurations. So you know, none of the systems on sale come pre-installed with OS X.


By the way, the owner of Quo hates the word, Hackintosh.

iTunes Fail!

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I guess iTunes doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, Free.


Remember this? Part IV

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So this is not nearly as old as some of the things I’ve posted on here. But none the less, a pretty old show. Anyone remember Reboot? This show came out in the mid 90s on ABC and was the very first kids show to use nothing but computer animation.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Transformer! No… its a USB Hub?

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The Japanese sure know how to make useless gadgets that I crave. Here is one good example of that…

Yes, you’re looking at a fully functional Transformer that turns into a Netbook that acts as a USB hub. Don’t ask why, ask why not?

It’s about 40 bucks and can be ordered here


Remember This? III

May 26, 2009 - One Response

What if tron became a weekly animated tv show? Then infuse that with a 30 minute non-stop commercial for Nintendo. What do u get? Captain N.

Besides the obvious that this was a very long commercial, it was still a entertaining show. I remember watching this show on various networks as a kid. Anyone remember The Family Channel? I swear the lost and forgotten of the cartoon world was played entirely on that channel.

And oh yeah, its complete with 8-bit sounds. Click play.

When ya gotta tinkle…

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My lovely Wife stumbled upon this (thanks Tannia!). Ever have to go pee during a movie but didn’t want to miss that oh so important part? Remember how The Matrix Reloaded orgy scene was the best part in that movie to go pee too? What if you didn’t know about the big orgy scene in Reloaded so you could go pee?

That’s where comes in. Its basically a website that will tell you without giving away any spoilers where to go pee. Search for the movie you’re going to see and you’re presented with a time line for it. Click on one of the little white dots and it will tell you that is the best place to go tinkle without giving away too much.

Also, in case you missed the whole scene, at the bottom of the page is a scrambled message. Click on the unscramble button and it will basically tell you everything that happened, in case you missed it and your not completely lightening fast in the head.

I really wished I had this during Terminator Salvation. It would of helped, instead of me trying to figure out where the best spot in the movie to go. Oh well, definitely using it the next time I go to the movies!

**Update** So it looks as if released an iPhone app. It looks promising. Subtle yellow text so your neighbor won’t get mad if your looking at your phone. It even tracks the progress of the movie your watching so you can check it periodically for the right time to go. A future update is planned to have your phone alert you when the right times to tinkle arise as well.

App store link

Hello World. I’m Moblin.

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Intel today unveiled an update to an OS specifically designed for netbooks and mobile internet devices. Its called Moblin and based off Linux. Version 2.0 was launched today and looks pretty promising. It’s optimized and designed to run on Intel’s Atom processor, which most, if not all netbooks use. The site it running pretty slow and its taking forever to download the beta. But I can’t wait to try it.

One of the most daunting things on my Wind is that Windows nor OS X is really designed for the 1024×600 resolution. So it can be a hassle at times to just browse the web or even just look through iTunes. So an OS built for that is ideal. Lets see if Intel can deliver. Check out the Moblin vid below for some more info.


Best. Review. Ever.

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This is the most dugg post on Digg, and for good reason.

Read the very first review on it, then the ones after it. HILARITY!